Some thought about academic

0x01 About

The thought come form Inforsec 2019 annual meeting.

0x02 How to publish a quality paper?

key words:hot topic,novel topic,infrequent topic
Except follow these key words,what you should do is make your paper logical,for example:

  1. The problem you try to solve
  2. The way you try to solve(model)
  3. The difficulty in your solve and how to solve(challenge)
  4. Experimental analysis

0x03 Where you thought came from?

  1. Project or Thought provides by teachers or senior fellow apprentice
  2. From daliy life,make a deep think about the phenomena or events in our life
  3. Black hat or defcon

0x04 How to deal with the problems we meet in the process?

  1. get a idea and you have to perform an experiment to make a deep think about the problem
  2. We may read lots of paper and what we need to do is understand the basic technology behind the paper,and associate basic technology(or building block) with the problem it can sovle.When you get a lot of these links,you may easy to solve some problem with these building block or their combination
  3. if you can not solve a problem after trying all the way you can try,fotget it and maybe you can summary you work on this field or evaluated the effect of all the try to sovle this problem.Other way is let it dowm few mounts and pick it up again.


Wish we can success in the academic road